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Welcome to the New Vulcan Website

NewsWelcome to the New Vulcan Website.

This website is a resource for the New Vulcan Project.

The project is an ongoing and massive expansion of R. T. Smith's original Spectrum game - 'Vulcan.' This is not a remake. It is an expansion of the original.

Vulcan is a turn based strategy game. It simulates the command office of a WW2 Field Marshall. It is easy to play for beginners, and complex enough for advanced commanders of WW2 strategy. It's like an automated board game, so you don't have to read a novel to understand a load if dice!

Vulcan has been massively expanded. Now, you can play almost all of Africa. R.T. Smith has given his congratulations to the project. All new content has been tirelessly researched for historical accuracy, and consistency with the original 'Vulcan.'

So what will I find on this site?

Here, you will find a download link to the latest version of 'Vulcan,' of course. The download contains all the files needed to play the game. Just extract the contents of the zip to your computer, and double click on 'zxspin.exe.' You're in! Go to the 'file' menu, click 'load snapshot,' and choose a game! Away you go! The manual is included.

This site is more than a distribution of the software. You will also find detailed articles, covering every possible subject 'Vulcan.'

There will be updates on the latest version, tips on how to play, and detailed explanations of new scenarios.

Here is everything you need to get started, and work your way up into a supreme expert!

Small Update

NewsHi guys! A few things have been happening here and there. Since this site went up, many people have contacted me regarding the game. This has lead to some new developments in itself. One rather skilled fan has started work on debugging the AI. The AI no longer crashes at all in the Battle of Gazala or The Tunisian Campaign scenarios. Also, an old friend I had lost touch with re-contacted me after seeing this site. 'Ooey' has been working on a modern remake of Vulcan. His graphical progress can be viewed in the downloads section. He is really rather talented, so encourage him to finish it! Last but not least, we will be moving to new servers in a few months. The reason I've been very quiet on this site, and not very quick to even view and accept people's membership requests, is there has been too much spam. So much, that its no longer worth sifting through it to find the genuine comments and members requests. When we get the server moved, things should start moving faster.

New Membership Rule

NewsHi guys. As you may have noticed, the majority of the traffic on this site is fake. Things like 'earn $$$ from home!' people. Which is unfortunate. I have no way of knowing who the real new member requests are and who are the fake ones. Going forward, please add the word 'Vulcan' to your username when you join, so I know you are real. Sorry about that! If I've deleted anyone real, please re-join.

Version 3.0 is out!

Version 3.0 is out!Hi guys. Major update. Probably the biggest update since all this began. There are a whopping five new scenarios. Get to the downloads section and get it!

There is only one version (3.0) as the idea of members only versions never took hold.

New scenarios are as follows:

Greco Italian War: is the biggest scenario yet in terms of troops numbers. Suitable for anyone and anything!

Iraq War: is a short scenario, best played as one player. Devilish for the Axis to win, easy for the allies.

Syria Lebanon: is a short one too, and great as a two player. Quite evenly matched.

Vesuve: was a members only previously. Very short little one player.

The Easter Egg:... well its an Easter Egg so I'm not telling you. Its something VERY different. The only snag is you can't play one player Axis. You can only do 2 player or be Allies. Find it and check it out though!

On the pre-existing scenarios, the game is almost identical. However, some minor changes have been made. These are as follows:

Commando Battalion in the Tunisian campaign had its AM reduced back to 120%AM to fall in line with all the other Commando Battalions.
On 'Northern Front' the AM of the Elite Grenadiers of Savoy Division has been toned down. The Axis have such great numerical superiority I feared for the Allies on two player.
Correcetd facing of 'Communist Resistance' units in Vesuve and Mekur.

A new expansion pack has been created. Its the Middle East Expansion Pack. Check the other out for that Easter Egg!

This will almost certainly be the last release of new content, as I've run out of battles to model. If there is another version, it will probably focus exclusively on any bug fixes (3.1.) But really guys, there are almost no bugs as it is. ALL scenarios are now PERFECT on 2 player. SOME scenarios still have the possibility of an AI crash, but ALL will play all the way from beginning to end most of the time in one player.

How its all progressing

Well guys, the new version (3) is progressing well. I just put the finishing touches on a new scenario that is quite relevant in today's political climate. It'll be very easy for the allies, devilish for the Axis. I'm saying no more.

I'm going to work on one more scenario, one which was huge and that nobody knows about. It should be highly educational for you all. It will be evenly balanced in a two player, no matter who you play, (but easy against the AI. The AI is only hard when the scenario is biased against you.)

Then I'll release version 3.

I'm running out of scenarios to model now. I never intend to do anything from the Western or Russian fronts. Those battles can't be adequetly modeled using the Vulcan game engine, so I'm not even going to try. Version 3 may be the last version with new content, because its become so comprehensive now. There aren't many battles left.

I do not plan on re-doing Torch or Giuba either. Only playable on Demo versions. At just 5 turns and a foregone conclusion result, I don't think it will be ever worth the work.

But the new content will be awesome. Mark my words, it will.


New Content Coming Soon

New Content Coming SoonHi Everyone!

Just so everyone knows, new content is coming soon. As you always knew it would be. The Greco Italian War scenario is completely done. Its a 'megascenario' so I could release a version 3.0 on that alone. However, I don't like making a new version number for just one new scenario. I'm trying to work on something else too to go along with it. Patience. It IS coming.


Version 2 is OUT!

Hi guys!

I've been working hard, and version 2 IS OUT!

The new scenarios are 'Vésuve' and 'Husky.' They're great.

Now, we have the story of both before and after 'The Tunisian Campaign.' Husky is a massive recreation of the invasion of Sicily. It includes old favourites such as the 78th Infantry Division. I didn't test the AI as I wanted it to be a surprise for me too. Instead, I've been playing it co-op with a friend, and the AI actually play quite well!

Vesuve is a short campaign. Ideal for an Axis player against the French AI, but fun to be the French too. Its a members only scenario... so get registered! Includes some units from the 'Torch' campaign that was in the old Beta version. Its quite similar.

A full list of changes is contained in the readme.

We also noticed we'd accidentally made it so non-members couldn't see the forum. We've fixed that now. Welcome! We encourage you to browse, and of course register to join the chat!

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